Mentors - Intellectual Capital

The human mind, an infinite source of intellectual energy that is continuously striving to transform lives by evolving products, services and businesses. We are fortune to have such intelligencia to mentor us through this journey mibattri.

A master’s degree in Electrical and electronics from US, along with a strong legacy of entrepreneurship in India and the western world, he has nurtured a full stack product to service luxury bath ware enterprise based out of Dallas, US from its roots. Handing diverse roles, encompassing from product design to developing sales strategies for sustained growth, he is not only a mentor but also an enabler for us to go beyond the normal.

2nd Genx. Entrepreneur, with a bachelors in Computer science & technology, along with a Masters in FinTech, from UK, he brings in the best of both the worlds. Currently managing both sides of his growing startup, which is evolving in real assets and IT&ITES in UK and European countries, by virtue of which he is able to give us insight to value creating propositions with inspirations from the western work both on IT and Product side.

Young duo, who left high pay cheques to disrupt the preowned luxury car segment and to build a scalable business around it in southern part of US. With the blend of auto industry knowledge and smart business ideas, they will inculcate us with the headings to reach out destination of becoming a one stop E shop for power and energy needs.