Why us

A very obvious question when there are so many retailers and suppliers selling the same or similar type of Batteries !!

A few good reasons to choose us from now are:

  1. We are Direct to the customer (D2C), which means your products or brand are delivered to you at lower or even lowest possible prices as margins and commission are out.
  2. We are driven by technology, which helps us keep our costs down and hence we are able to further pass the advantage to our customers in form of lower prices.
  3. We are Enabled modern tools, equipment, and devices, including battery analyzers that work like ECG, enhancers, smart meters, and battery maintainers that improve battery life, performance and reduce the chances of failure when you need it the most.
  4. With End to End online process, you are able to avail products and services at your figure tips when you need them.
  5. Our homegrown battery brand is the first in the world to have a definite buyback value, rather than just being scrapped. A savior up for the environment and customer pocket.