Guarantee / Warrantee of branded products are directly honored by the brand/company. The customer is required to register the same on the website of the brand/company or get in touch with their customer care/service center for the same.

In certain other categories of products like smart devices, meters, maintainers etc., the guarantee /warrantee if any is mentioned in the description section. Instance of a warrantied product failing you must contact us /brand company where a replacement subject to terms and conditions will be provided. The product warrantee/guarantee covers product replacement only if it qualifies, i.e. we guarantee the product against physical failure for the duration of specified years.

For detailed information, you can check the warrantee/guarantee card bill/receipt you’ve received at the time of delivery/installation of the product. In case the product fails within the warranty time period, simply contact the phone number given on the bill/receipt of your product.